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Luxury Pedicure


A Pedicure is a beauty treatment with the primary purpose of maintaining the overall health of feet. A pedicure can improve your skin by moisturising it well and leaving you with healthier toes. It prevents your skin from developing cracks and blisters. Your cuticles are also catered to in a pedicure.


  • Increase in the blood circulation

  • Enhance the well-being of your nails

  • De–stress

  • Keeps feet smooth and delicate

  • Healthy skin

  • Prevents hard skin build-up

  • Contagious infections

  • Mental well-being

Pre Care

  • Client should have a bath or shower before treatment

  • Client should ensure personal hygiene is

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Minimise Alcohol/Drug intake


Always let your therapist know if you:

  • are, or think you might be, pregnant

  • have a history of heart or respiratory problems

  • have problems with your joints

  • have any skin allergies or conditions

  • have recently had surgery, or are prone to or recovering from injury

  • you have any other medical condition, or are receiving treatment of any kind

As this might affect the kind of treatment you can have, or on what areas of your body the therapist can work on.

After Care

  • Drink plenty water

  • Dry feet thoroughly after washing especially between toes

  • Moisturise daily

Treatment duration: 55mins

Treatment cost: £30

Suggestion to repeat treatment every 2 weekly

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